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Our solutions for suppliers

Digital Audience

Make yourself known to new prospects

The Price Hub allows you to put online very easily a detailed description of your company.
You can put forward your expertise by illustrating, for example, your mastery of technological processes with photos of manufactured parts. The more complete your profile – financial information, details of your production capacity, model and age of your machines, staff, career histories and/or photos of your main contacts – the more attractive it will be to the clients, who will consult it before contacting you as part of their requests for quotations.
You can then track the number of your visitors and improve the attractiveness of your profile by adding new elements.
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Reassure buyers with our labelling

You can have your company certified by The Price Hub with our partner Veritas. The information provided in your profile are then verified on your main production site by this trusted third party during an audit day. The labelling checklist is provided in advance to ensure that the visit takes place as efficiently as possible. With The Price Hub labelling, buyers who do not know you yet will be more likely to trust you with new contracts.
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Compare your parts to our benchmark database and quickly get a market price using the online Should-Cost tool

Our benchmarking solution allows you to compare one of your parts to our regularly updated database of more than 15,000 references. Our algorithms identify parts like yours to present a pertinent and visual result to you. Then you can access the important information of the benchmark parts (picture, quantity, country of production, €/kg, etc.) to evaluate your level of competitiveness. With our online Should-Cost allows you quickly evaluate the market price of a custom part. These models are based on a detailed understanding of industrial processes allowing to evaluate each cost component (material, process, etc.). These models are available for the following manufacturing processes: machining, plastic injection and foundry. Thus, you can identify the cost drivers you can work on as a priority.
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Requests for quotations

Select the requests for quotations which are relevant to you

You will receive proposals for customized requests for quotations. Our recommendation algorithms will allow us to solicit you only on the markets for which your expertise is truly pertinent. In a proactive approach, you will also have the possibility to consult public requests for quotations then to directly ask to the buyers who have put them online on The Price Hub for an access. Our platform allows direct exchange between the different parties to help you make the best offer through its internal messaging system. The Price Hub allows the buyer to directly communicate his decision to you. We do not intervene in the transformation of the market and We do not take any commission for this fruitful relationship. When the request for quotation is closed, whatever be the result, the buyer agrees to give you a quality feedback on his perception of your offer. You will also be able to see the positioning of your commercial offer to your competitors. These feedbacks will allow you to reinforce the pertinence of your offers.
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Share and use the information to make the right decisions

We also feel it is important that you can share with all our users your opinion about the quality of consultations in which you have participated in terms of clarity of the information provided, respect for milestones and commitments taken and kept. Thus, at the end of every consultation, we invite you to grade the purchasing party on some representative criteria. This information allows you to answer future requests for quotations based on facts provided by the community of suppliers to which you belong.
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Simplify your prospection with The Price Hub

Describe faithfully your company and your production capacities, and now the buyers are the ones to make the approach to contact you. With The Price Hub, you receive directly the request for quotes that correspond to your know-how and earn new markets.

The Price Hub is free, without commitment

Once registered on The Price Hub you identify the request for quotes of your interest. You can discuss directly with the buyer about technical questions and send him your best proposal. It’s simple, effective and free!

The Price Hub finds your new customers

We are seeking to identify your future partners. With an application dedicated to industrial procurement and available in multiple languages, you don’t waste your time on prospection, you can work on a specific project and get access to new markets.

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