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How to obtain a good plastic injection?

The quality of the plastic injection defines the quality of the final product. So, what are the key points of a good plastic injection?

Means of production of plastic injection

The basic rule is to choose well the injection machines. First, it is important to define the technical criteria related to the production of your plastic part, especially the size, variants, material, series, batch sizes. These different technical criteria are going to be important for the machine size and the choice of the technology. It is necessary to provide a training to the people on the use of the machines because without an improvement in the skills of the technicians, it will be difficult to optimize the performance or exploit the various features.


A good quality plastic part is characterized by its lightness, strength, insulation and surface finish. Furthermore, the production must be uniform and each article must have a perfect finish. To have a good quality plastic injection, ensure that the finished product is neither harmful to the health nor to the environment because the conventional materials, derived from petroleum, require several hundred years to degrade naturally. Thus, the ecological raw materials represent an alternative solution.

Injected plastic material

The resort to use recyclable plastic injections like PET and HDPE is a good alternative. Besides the ecological advantages (multiple injection, 3 to 4 times), it allows to get high-quality products (as water bottle). Machined materials from bioplastics are sustainable. They come from plants like cereals, potatoes and even vegetable oil. Transformed through the thermoforming process, they end up as plastic cutlery or telephone covers with the required qualities.

Technology integration

Using traditional injection production tools, it is difficult to produce identical parts in large quantities and maintaining the same quality. Investing in CNC machines is an ideal solution. The final plastic parts are similar and meet the standard requirements. Moreover, the processing time and the production improvements contribute to increase the efficiency of the injection.

Quality check

Obtaining certifications shows a commitment to quality. Plastic injection companies certified ISO 9001 comply with the applicable standards. Other norms like CE, UL (for US), CCC (for China) are very rewarding for the business. These certifications convey the conformity of the injection as per the standards. For this reason, the produced plastic parts go through a laboratory for testing. Gaining these certificates, is also means reliable services, a good traceability and the value chain optimization.

To conclude, the key to a good quality injection is based on the needs assessment, upstream and downstream of the plastic industry. The important points to remember are:

  • The use of means of production with advanced technology

  • The recovery of recyclable/biodegradable materials

  • The products complying to the customer needs and the required standards


Philippe MESTMAN
Manufacturing technology
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