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Cutting operation

Machining uses many techniques to transform raw materials into their final state. Cutting is one of the known methods in industrial mechanics. It allows to mass produce metal parts such as connectors or electrical motor shafts.

Basic principle of cutting

The cutting technique uses a simple principle: the process of material removal. The equipment used in the machining operation is called a bar-turner. The quantity and the layout of the cutting tools vary as per the model.

Cutting consists in processing continuously small parts coming from a metal bar. In order to have high productivity, the machining operation is carried out one after the other.

Cutting provides a high precision work up to the hundredth of a millimetre, for diameters ranging from 0.1 mm to 40 mm. Once cut, these products may undergo thermal, mechanical or chemical treatments prior to final use.

The machining process by material removal allows to get end products of stainless steel, aluminium, steel, titanium,... Thus cutting offers solutions for many industries especially automobile, aerospace, defence, tech industry.

Other fields such as electricity, hardware and medical are also using these products. This type of machining ensures the production of parts in large quantity, various shapes and sizes as required.

Its functioning

The bar-turner is also called automatic bar-turner. It operates in automatic mode during the machining process. Thus, the supply of the raw material is carried out continuously. This type of machining operation includes a long phase like roughing processes (straightening, turning, threading, tapping), finishing operations (polishing, deburring, washing, assembly) going through intermediate tasks (milling, knurling, drilling, grooving, parting).

To achieve this machining process, plants use conventional automatic systems. Their mode of operation uses a camshaft system. These machines have several functional units as the tool carrier, the longitudinal carrier, ... The machining of an entire part is provided by a rotation cycle of the camshaft. The adjustment of the speed of the carriages with the rotation of the camshaft allows to make a thread, for example.

In modern factories, the cutting machines no longer contain camshafts, the cutting is performed with automatic bar-tuners. From a simple desktop computer, an operator sets the production program, in which he integrates pre-set rules for tool preparation before the machine begins. The whole program is put into the computer of the automatic bar-tuners which in turn runs the operation. Thus, cutting is an important process in industrial machining process.

The products obtained impact a large number of industries. The right choice in acquiring automatic bar-tuners allows for high precision parts in bulk and in minimal time.

Philippe MESTMAN
Manufacturing technology
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