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Inter Action Digital

Inter Action Digital was founded in July 2015 with an aim to build and develop the Internet platform The Price Hub. This platform is dedicated to all players in the industrial subcontracting of customized parts.

Inter Action Consultants

Inter Action Consultants, a “technical and operational” consultancy firm, is a French family-owned company of more than 30 years whose core business is the significant improvement in the competitiveness of industrial companies.

With more than 2,000 successful missions to major international groups and small and medium-sized businesses in France and abroad, the firm has acquired unique expertise in all the major industrial sectors over the years.
You know your business, your market and your products better than anybody. IAC will bring you the same level of knowledge and expertise in innovation, reducing direct costs and improving value.

Inter Invest

Founded in 1991, Inter Invest is the French leader in the structuring and distribution of financing operations based on the Girardin Industrial law in France's overseas territories and a key player in social housing finance overseas. Inter Invest has over 1.6 billion euros of funded assets as of 31/12/2015.

Inter Invest in figures at the end of 2015:
  • 8 owned branches located in all Overseas Departments and Territories
  • 80% recurrence of our private clients' subscriptions to our Girardin product
  • 350 million euros raised over the last 5 years
  • 450 distributor partners (independent financial advisers, brokers and private banks)
  • 4,800 companies managed
  • 14,000 private clients
  • 165,000 tenants

In early 2015, Inter Invest achieved a milestone by launching its first product for individuals subject to the ISF (FIP Inter Invest ISF 2015), distributed by its distributor partners.

Inter Invest is the only firm specialized in Girardin law investment schemes to have obtained ISO 9001 certification.

Furthermore, Inter Invest was once again rewarded by obtaining the 1st prize in its category “Promoter of Girardin solutions” in 2015 and 2016, awarded by the magazine Gestion de Fortune.

Finally, Inter Invest was approved as a Société de Financement (Finance Company) in 2015, and is now regulated by the ACPR (the French prudential supervisory authority).

Our mission

We are convinced that manufacturing industry does not fully benefit from the power of new information technologies. Nevertheless, we believe that the development of Internet use coupled with the emergence of modern data processing technologies opens an unprecedented window of opportunity in the field of industrial subcontracting.

Our mission is to contribute to the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.


Our strengths

Unique expertise in the field of procurement
We benefit from over 30 years of experience of Inter Action Consultants in the field of improving the competitiveness of industrial companies, including optimizing purchases.

Our teams have intervened for 15 years on procurement missions in most industrial sectors (aeronautics, defence, automotive, health, household appliances, etc.).

These multiple and varied experiences have allowed us to acquire a unique knowledge of the industrial base in France and throughout the world.
Technical and economic databases unique to the market
Our databases aggregate information of various types:
  • suppliers around the world,
  • thousands of benchmarking parts,
  • a rich database of processes and material (price, compatibility with manufacturing processes, etc.),
  • a broad hourly rate base (machine rates, operator rates, etc.).
The Price Hub's team consists of people with high-level profiles in their fields.
Our team includes experts in industrial procurement, commercial negotiation, software development and artificial intelligence.

Benoit Petit


Benoît Petit is a graduate from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace (SUPAERO) and from Imperial College.

He has 12 years of experience in investment banking. He began his career at L'Oréal as a Product Manager, before joining the Société Générale group in 2003. In 2008, he was promoted to Managing Director in-charge of sales of structured products with private banks in Europe. In 2009 he became in-charge of market activities (sales and trading) in Switzerland and Europe Sales Manager of private wealth management in the newly formed Cross Asset Solutions department. He became a member of the Executive Committee in 2012 and takes its European Sales Division (excluding France).

He joined the family group Inter Action in 2015 as President & CEO of Inter Action Consultants, President of and Strategy and Development Director of Inter Invest.

Frédéric Bourgeois

Chief Executive Officer

Frédéric Bourgeois is an engineering graduate from the Ecole Nationale Supérieur des Télécommunications (Télécom ParisTech).

With more than 20 years of experience in the management of business units and sales teams in companies such as ADP(CDK), Kenan, Huawei and Nortel, he has specialized in the digital transformation of large international groups and has accompanied numerous clients in the automotive, distribution, telecommunications and transport sectors. With an entrepreneurial profile, he has contributed to the growth of several start-ups through fundraising and the implementation of innovation projects.

He joined The Price Hub at the end of 2018 as CEO.

Philippe Mestman

Sales & Marketing Director

Philippe Mestman is a graduate from the Marketing Practitioners' Centre - Groupe ESC Dijon Bourgogne.

He has over 20 years of experience in sales, fifteen of them in new technologies. He began his commercial career in mass retail at Kraft Jacobs Suchard as a Sector Manager, before joining Linkbynet when it was set up in 2000. In 2003, he was promoted to Commercial Director in charge of the development of the hosting and outsourcing business (+20% average annual growth). A partner in 2010, he then joined the Management Committee and played an important role in training the sales teams of international subsidiaries to accelerate their development.

He joined Inter Action group in January 2016 as Inter Action Digital's Sales, Marketing & Customer Service Director to ensure the development of The Price Hub.

Arthur Petry

Chief Technical Officer

Arthur Petry is a engineering graduate from the Ecole Polytechnique and from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace (ISAE-SUPAERO).

He began his career in 2003 with an experience in the aeronautic military industry at Sagem Défense et Sécurité as a aero-mecanics engineer first, and then as a systems engineer. He then joined Bollore Telecom in 2007 in order to settle a web development team to provide multiple services (webmail, forum, photo sharing, games) on a free portal for students in multiple residencies in France. In 2011, He joined Parrot to discover consumer electronics. There, he developed the connected garden products range (Parrot Flower Power and Parrot Pot) as the project manager, leading a team of a dozen engineers.

With all these transverse and various skills, he joined Inter Action group in May 2017 as Chief Technical Officer at The Price Hub.

Our values


It is the guarantee of excellence that we give on our tools and the expertise of our teams. Your projects and challenges are important, and you need to be able to count on our diligence, dedication and reliability. This commitment applies equally to relations between employees and our partners.


It is the will to offer you concrete and measurable results. It is also our capacity to respect our commitments and the autonomy we give our teams to conduct their missions.

Team spirit

It is the transmission of our expertise to all our staff and clients. It is humility in our relations with you. It is the pleasure of working together.


It is a pillar of our identity as innovation is born from the encounter between passion and boldness. It means opening new doors to create different, surprising solutions that respond perfectly to the functions they are designed for, always staying a step ahead. Innovation comes from multiple sources and is fed by technology, anticipating tomorrow's needs, creativity but also from the courage needed to break new ground.

Exceeding our limits

It is a state of mind and a constant search for perfection. We all share this desire to go further and offer our clients the best. Our limits are there to be exceeded. We capitalise on the talents of our employees and we encourage them to go beyond what they thought was possible.

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