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Our solutions for buyers

Smart Sourcing

Find suppliers who meet your needs

Our sourcing search engine allows you to easily find the best suppliers corresponding perfectly to your selection criteria (country, manufacturing technology, certifications, turnover, etc.).

We have selected the best subcontractors based on more than 15 years of experience in sourcing in France, Europe and in the world.

You can also import your current panel of suppliers to consult them online and thus have a common entry point for your consultations.

Furthermore, we propose to the suppliers who wish a labelling which can be obtained after an on-site audit done by our partner Veritas.
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Requests for quotations

Conduct requests for quotations easily

A management interface of request for quotations allows you to launch request for quotations and monitor them with ease. Several functionalities will ease your life and will save your time during your consultations.

Formalizing your need with a pre-defined path ensures that you consider all the elements that make it possible to obtain relevant offers. You have the option of consulting a restricted and confidential panel of suppliers or choosing a broader public audience.

Supplier recommendations are available, and you can manage exclusions to put together customized panels. You have the option of consulting a limited, confidential panel of suppliers, or to choose from a wider and more public audience. You control access to sensitive data (NDA validation process, validation to access designs, etc.).

You are in direct interaction with the suppliers by means of a dedicated messaging system guaranteeing the traceability of the exchanges without revealing your usual address. You have action buttons to save time especially during your follow-ups.

The graphical visualization of comparison between the different offers facilitates your decision making.
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Quickly get a market price with the help of online Should-Cost tool

Our online Should-Cost allows you to quickly evaluate the market price of a custom part. These models are based on a detailed understanding of industrial processes allowing to evaluate each cost component (material, process, etc.). These models are available for the following manufacturing processes: machining, plastic injection and foundry.

Thus, you can identify the cost drivers you can work on as a priority.
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Compare your parts to our benchmark database

Our benchmarking solution allows you to compare one of your parts to our regularly updated database of more than 15,000 references. Our algorithms identify parts like yours to present a pertinent and visual result to you.

Then you can access the important information of the benchmark parts (picture, quantity, country of production, €/kg, etc.) to evaluate your level of competitiveness.
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Share and use the information to make the right decisions

The wealth of The Price Hub is particularly based on the availability of technical and economic data. The information gathered during the request for quotations enrich, for example, the benchmark database and improve the performance of our costing algorithms to allow you to access pertinent results always.

Furthermore, it also seems important to us that you can share with all the users your opinion on the quality of responses provided in terms of pertinence, compliance with deadlines, commitments made and kept. Thus, at the end of every consultation, we invite you to grade the consulted companies on some representative criteria.
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Pay & Play on a SaaS Model

Once registred: you can manage your account online as per your needs (features, number of users)

"On-Demand Purchasing" mission

You identify a family of purchases on which you believe you can gain in competitiveness without having succeeded in doing so so far. We select suppliers and conduct RFQ's for you in order to generate savings

The Data's Project

By integrating The Price Hub into your Information System (ERP or eProcurement), your purchasing data now speak and we ensure a seamless service for your users

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